Stewart Robinson

I grew up in Jackson Mississippi but grew up hearing stories about the Delta from my Grandfather who grew up in Holly Bluff. When I moved back to Mississippi with my wife and daughters and had the opportunity to work and hunt through out the Delta I fell in love with it.  I work as a Chef and Guide with my business parter Cameron Dinkins at Esperanza Outdoors at Linden Plantation. Through our experiences at Linden and across the Delta the dream of the Delta Supper Club emerged.  

Chef David Crews

I am a father to two beautiful children and a husband to a beautiful woman who loves and supports all my crazy ideas. I am a chef in title but will always be a line cook at heart. I have been a staple on the culinary staff for the Southern Foodways Symposium since 2008, a celebrity chef for Holland American Cruise Line, a culinary Instructor at Mississippi Delta Community College, an executive chef for both Six Shooter Land and Timber and Merrimac Farms (two top flight hunting camps) and a private chef for events featuring  Morgan Freeman, Herbie Hancock, Rosanne Cash and Justice Antonin Scalia.  I was named the King of American Seafood 2013. I competed on Season 2 of Food Network’s "Cutthroat Kitchen" (and got kicked off during the second round for my Pad Thai being “too spicy”-- come on Jet Tila!). I was featured in Simon Majumdar’s book Fed White and Blue. I owe my career to the great chefs that came before me, like John Currence, Derek Emerson and Kelly English. I am a decent golfer but elite beer drinker. I live by a statement that I once heard John Currence say, “My food doesn’t tickle your palate, it punches you in the face!” 


Kimme Hargrove

My world is the Mississippi Delta. And in the Delta, it's all about big, boisterous families, kin and not-so-kin, rollicking good times and the exceptional food that just seems to saturate this quirky corner of America. My "day job" as a marketing associate for Greenwood, Mississippi's Hammons & Associates allows me to delve deep into the history and traditions of the Delta and provides lots of chances to slip through the back door of some of this state's best restaurants. I am also an instructor at the famed Viking Cooking School in Greenwood.  My JOY is taking tried-and-true regional recipes and spinning them with my own brand of culinary creativity, never making the same recipe twice. I'm just lucky enough to live where food is an art form and the rules are made to be broken.  Look for me at Delta Supper Club: I'll be the one with red hair, a ready fork, and most likely a drink in my hand!