Delta Supper Club



Welcome to the Delta Supper Club, a members-only social culinary circle that provides you with once-in-a-lifetime taste experiences.  Guaranteed, every time, at every event.

Our ultimate goal is to preserve and celebrate the rich culture that the Mississippi Delta has to offer.  We are asking you to eat fabulous food prepared by an acclaimed chef, to drink paired libations from brew masters/distillers/sommeliers, and to attend these special events hosted at culturally significant sites somewhere along the plains of the Mississippi Delta.



An evening with the Delta Supper Club & Chef Michelle Bernstein.

The BIG Picture:  

Your membership to Delta Supper Club means you have an exclusive invitation to future DSC events. Each event will include:

1 / A meal to remember

2 / A drink to remember

3 / A venue to remember

4 / Cause to remember

New concept.  New experience.  New Cause.

Our Philanthropy:

Oh yes.  The cause!  Also known as the most important piece of Delta Supper Club’s job as an organization.  Members will enjoy magnificent dining experiences in unique Mississippi Delta locations, all the while providing the resources needed to fund the DSC Scholarship Fund.  Part of the proceeds will directly benefit Mississippi Culinary Arts students via this fund.  We have founded a Delta Supper Club Scholarship at Mississippi Delta Community College that is available for application through the college. 

Seed to farmFarm to tableTable to mouth.